There are 3 Special Philippine Visa categories to choose from:

  1. Special Visa for Employment Generation
    A qualified non-immigrant foreigner who will employ at least 10 Filipinos in a lawful & sustainable enterprise, trade or industry.
  2. Special Non-Immigrant Visa under EO 226 as amended by RA No. 8756
  3. Special Non-Immigrant Visa of Offshore Banking Unit under PD 1034

These visas are in a special non-immigrant visa class as they pertain to individuals who are tied to businesses that stimulate the Philippine economy or provide jobs to a significant number of local Filipinos but do not have intent to immigrate to the Philippines.

To apply for these special visas please refer to the links above, you will need to fill out the necessary forms and pay all fees in person at the Philippine Bureau of Immigration main office in Manila.